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me applianc Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys

Projector Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys , is taking a large view of things when it is used, the effect much better than LCD TVs.

But the three giant home appliance industry – television, refrigerators and washing machines, even fast-growing, the leading home appliance TM to the activities or the three, but added two new members, computers and air conditioning. In the home appliance industry, the traditional CRT TV to occupy the long-term dominance appliances, who succeeded the new main fact? LCD TV and plasma, have been fighting hard in recent years, due to the rise of the computer industry, the liquid crystal display abnormal development of rapid, so that LCD TVs shine in the battle situation. However, LED television was born, declared this war without end in the TV official to enter the three hegemony.

As the power life of brightness, and many other advantages, LED TV appears to fame, in fact, this product is also a transitional product, then the projection when the opportunity to enter the ranks of home appliance giant, then, what means and TV fight it?

True = LED screen LED TV + LED backlight

Really do not need backlight LED screen, LED is a light-emitting diodes, light source originally.

So, now inside the mall are selling LED TV LCD TV with LED backlight, is the concept of fry, just use the LED backlight technology, not the true meaning of LED TV. Is there a real LED display screen? The answer is yes. Plaza, stadiums, outdoor billboards used by large big-screen, LED technology is the real. To close contact with the real LED products around the Birds Nest in Beijing, tens of meters one can easily glimpse of its hosting the Games. Arms length, large size, close look, thick diode eyeful of color bulb matrix. Do not see images from 10 meters, which makes it difficult and TV par. Because of the technology and cost constraints, real LED TV is estimated to be 5 to 10 years to market.

Real LED display technology

And use the LCD backlight compared to CCFL Cheap NFL Jerseys , LED backlight really saving. Such as Samsung 46B6000, electricity as long as 18.73 U.S. dollars per year, while Samsung CCFL LCD TV 46B650, electricity has to cost 25.96 U.S. dollars per year, more than 28% LED models. Then compared with plasma TVs, Panasonic Plasma P46G10, spend a year of electricity is 60.69 U.S. dollars, is 3 times the LED television. However, this tariff, select the LED models spend more than the cost of this expenditure is minimal. This contrast, LED backlight with LED models, in fact, much better than this.

LED dot matrix

If technology allows, to create a level of true 1080P LED TV, more than 50 inches in size, and to a pixel corresponding to a LED light, then a TV will need 2.1 million LED, quality tends to achieve perfection. However, such products do not the ultimate energy saving, but also a great waste. LED is a collection of contradictions, how to balance the quality and the relationship between the number of LED used, the issue almost mission impossible. LED to be more energy-saving, LED number to be more, LED should be smaller, and can only hope to change the material.

Three stories, well known, Wei Shu Wu Sanguo Dingli decades, the final is not powerful Wei, but the unification of the world instead of Jin. Display equipment manufacturers all bets are pressed the LED technology; looks promising LED TV, in fact, Wei; the key is just the first to perish Wei powerful one. We are beginning to universal access to multi-core processors, but the progress of LED technology is still 286 stage.

Its futile to wait for the arrival of the King, the real emergence of LED TV than to switch attention to the projector. The future of television, perhaps the flat LED projectors and leave the race. As the projector has been developed nearly 20 years, projector technology continues to improve, the key is to keep their prices the past two years, diving Cheap Jerseys From China , common people, family oriented, popular. Projector LED light source technology in the rapid development of LED technology is mature when the time is the evolution of the LED projector, perhaps also the end of the day flat-panel TVs.

Can eradication of projection into the living room flat panel television supremacy?

Regardless of the projector, flat panel TV, or traditional CRT TVs have one thing in common, with numerous, looking confused, and sometimes we know what to do – the interfaces.

Sony flat-panel TV in the number of the largest number of interfaces. For example, our products for Sony KDL-55X4500, which is a 55-inch HD LED TV, Sony KDL-55X4500 number of interfaces with nearly 40 through the video interface statistics are classified as: 3 Group AV input, AV output group 1 2 group component video input, 4 HDMI inputs, a group S terminal input. As the TV as a display output device, a number of group video input, audio output interface, a number of groups beyond reproach, but so many, it is not meaningful increase in our investment out of thin air is not, allows the practice resulted in excessive a sense of confusion. Input and output, the one group is more rational configuration.

Complex interface LED TV

Mitsubishi flat-panel TV in the number of the interface is most professional. Examples of products our Mitsubishi LDT461V, this is a 46-inch HD LCD TV, Mitsubishi LDT461V interface, the number of 27 or more, through the video interface statistics classified as: group 1 BNC input, 2 HDMI input group, a group VGA input , a group VGA output, a group of component inputs, a group of AV input, a group S terminal input. BNC video interface which is professional, VGA is the preferred interface to connect with the computer.

In contrast to high-definition flat-panel TV product, in the light of the projector for 1080P-level products. As the TV does not distinguish between industries, there is no distinction between the concept of non-professional; the projector at this sNats Reinstate Wi.

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