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We live in a dimension made up of time and space. These concepts are necessary in order for us to experience life in a dualistic relative universe where we define things by knowing what the thing is not. This is the nature of relativity. You must know what something is not before you can know what it is. This world of relativity is the perfect playground to create our desires and then experience them. That is exactly what you have been doing all your life. You have been creating your life as you go along and then playing out your creations in your life experience. If you are living your life unconsciously and don't really realize that you are the creator of you life you often don't recognize our creations when they show up in our lives. This is where a lot of us break down. We look for our creations to show up in one form and it is then delivered to us in another form nike roshe run floral , within a different time frame. It shows up two hours or two weeks or two years later than we expected and arrives not looking like what our visual preference of it should be. What happens is we don't recognize our creation when it shows up. When we don't recognize it we don't accept it as our own and we are not grateful for it. Sometimes we think we recognize what we created, but because it is not the same form as we visualized, we accept it but with conditions. And because we are only conditionally accepting nike roshe run slip on womens , we are not truly grateful. I want to understand this basic truth about the concept of gratitude. ?When you are truly grateful, you are unconditionally accepting.? How do we become aware of this basic truth? You develop an attitude of gratitude. And when you start ?being? grateful, what you will start ?doing? is accepting the events nike roshe flyknit suomi , experiences and circumstances that show up in your life unconditionally. You will stop judging the people, places and things that you encounter, because you understand that you created or co-created all of it. You will be grateful for all of it because you brought it forth to serve your will. If you observe that what you created does not serve your will nike roshe run naiset , you do not reject it. You accept it unconditionally as an aspect of what does not serve you, and then you choose again and create something else. To judge and condemn your creations does not serve you. To accept and observe your creations not only serves you but allows you to be grateful for everything that shows up in your life. One of the keys then is to be grateful even before your creation shows up. In this way you are telling the universe that you are accepting unconditionally whatever form your creation is sent to you and you are merely awaiting its arrival. This is powerful stuff to the universe because your acknowledgment that what you created is already a done deal gives the universe permission to do the deal. Developing this attitude of gratitude is easy to do. You can start when you wake up in the morning and give thanks for another beautiful day on planet earth. As you pop your toast or drink your orange juice, you can be thankful for the delicious sustenance that you take for granted every day. Taking a shower becomes a joy to be thankful for. Scratching the cat's ears or the dog's rump is a cause for celebration. As you walk to your car a flock of birds is singing in the trees and they take flight for your enjoyment as you gaze upon the beauty of the fresh morning sun as it comes over the horizon. You greet the receptionist at work with a hearty hello and a sincere smile that relays the fullness of your heart. You tell her that she is doing a fantastic job and your day is brighter because she is there. You prepare to begin what you used to call work nike roshe run halvalla , but you now gratefully define as the occupation that allows you to use your creative abilities to help your fellow man. By being this you relate to your co-workers with a co-operative spirit that respects their ideas and abilities and works in harmony to produce a product you are proud of You arrive home and greet your loving partner and family members with a sincerity that relays the unconditional love you have for them. Then you and your partner, or your dog (God spelled backwards) go for a walk in the park and marvel at the beauty and variety of plant and animal life and how it all changes with the seasons and how it is all so symmetrical and fits together perfectly. You return to find your children playing ball in the front yard so you join them and communicate your love to them by giving them the precious gift of your time. They don't ask anything of you except to ?be? there for them. You enjoy a fine meal made of fresh vegetables grown in your own garden and picked that very day. You say ?grace? (verbally or silently) before you eat to give thanks to the bounty of food that has been placed before you. You give silent meditation as a way to ground yourself with your source. You put your children to bed with the assurance that they are safe and prepared to meet the next beautiful day. You go to bed with your partner and enjoy the awesomeness of making love with the person you share your life with. And in this lovemaking you exchange your energies and revel in the shear power created by this most natural of acts. As you drift off to sleep you give thanks again for the beautiful day to come. When you live within an attitude of gratitude you cannot help but be awake and aware of your connection to your source.

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