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Leonard Floyd Bears Jersey

The Many Benefits Of Instructional Rounds The Many Benefits Of Instructional Rounds April 3 Bryce Callahan Bears Jersey , 2014 | Author: Gwen Lowe | Posted in Education
Teachers spend long periods alone in the classrooms with their students and they have little time for interaction with other teachers, especially on a professional level. Many teachers do not actually know how they are doing regarding their teaching techniques. Naturally, teachers have a lot to learn from each other but this can only be achieved if there is a system that allows them to do so. Instructional rounds certainly seem to address this need effectively.

The purpose of this exercise is not to evaluate teachers. Rather, it aims at providing observing teachers the chance to compare their own teaching methods and classroom activities with that of the teacher being observed. However Jacoby Glenn Bears Jersey , if the teacher that is observed wishes feedback, it can be given. The real benefit of the practice is to discuss the exercise and to allow the observers to adapt their own techniques.

Setting up an observation schedule is easy to accomplish. Groups of observers should be small and should preferably be led by an experienced teacher or administrator. The observers do not participate in the lesson and students are told that the observers are there to learn. In most cases observed teachers are volunteers, or they are regarded as exceptionally capable. It is even feasible to observe teachers from other schools.

In many cases the observation team agrees to concentrate on very specific issues. These may be issues that are giving them trouble in their own classrooms. They may want to focus on the use of computers in the classroom, for example Harold Jones-Quartey Bears Jersey , or they may want to learn how to get productive input from students. IN most cases these observation sessions last no more than a quarter of an hour.

It is important to have a debriefing session after an observation exercise. In this way the observing teachers can share their experiences and they can discuss ways in which they can implement new ideas that was observed into their own classrooms. These debriefing sessions are treated as confidential and the teacher that was observed is not given feedback, unless he asks for it.

Educational experts agree that these observation sessions benefit the entire education system. It helps teachers to learn from each other and to introduce new and fresh ideas in their own classrooms. Teachers being observed are motivated anew because they are recognized by their colleagues as a professional from who can be learned. Students also benefit when teachers try new ideas to improve their teaching techniques.

Great care should be taken to make sure that the observation system remains non threatening, especially to those teachers being observed. If such sessions turn into evaluation sessions all the potential benefits may be lost. Harm can also be caused by observes that discuss sessions outside the observer circle. Similarly, if teachers are pressurized into an observation situation Connor Barth Bears Jersey , they may become resentful and this may harm the quality of teaching.

A system that allows teachers to learn from each other can only be a good system. Everyone benefits if the quality of education is improved in any way. An observation system that is properly run can help to increase the motivation of teachers and to ensure that teaching methods remain fresh and innovative.

When you need information about instructional rounds, pay a visit to the web pages online here today. You can see details at http:www.instructionalrounds now.

Lucroy On Clutch Hitting I Can Hyper Focus - RealGM Wiretap

Jonathan Lucroy might be the best overall catcher in baseball this season.

Entering Wednesday's action, Lucroy led all Major League catchers in batting average (.331), on-base percentage (.401) Cody Whitehair Bears Jersey , slugging (.510) and WAR (4.4).

In high-leverage situations -- when one swing of the bat can change the game -- Lucroy is hitting .406 in 79 plate appearances.

"I've been told by a psychologist before that I have the ability to hyper-focus," the catcher said. "For some reason I enjoy those situations."

Lucroy has 23 hits in high-leverage moments, third-most in baseball.

"Guys get mad because you can't quantify that," Lucroy said. "[Stats people] can't put a number on that. But I think within the human brain you have an ability to go Leonard Floyd Bears Jersey , 'OK, I've got to get locked in here.' I just can't go up there and go, 'I'm going to do whatever.' [You have] to lock in and do this. That's hyper-focused."

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Submitted 2014-04-07 10:17:33 SEO and Link building, such as tea and sugars SEO company India as well as link building are a couple of techniques which are at a proportion of Something like 20:80 Hroniss Grasu Jersey , the location where the ranking on search engines are concerned. Optimization associated with search engines may be classified directly into two main areas. The first is on-page optimization and off-page optimization second. You are really made to damage your rating on the search engine can be determined by optimizing web pages. These modifications could consist of H1 tags, name tags, and so on. Link building, alternatively Eddie Goldman Jersey , is the harder of the two. If you need to use such things as images back links, make sure you also have another set of text links someplace on the web page for the bots to follow. Much more dramatic factors such as frames and home pages should be averted if you want to obtain search engine rankings in addition to possible for your internet site.

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