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Merely having the texts available is not enough DeAngelo Williams Jersey , particularly when we think about the stakes. Certainly, teachers have to worry not only about how choosing these texts will affect their students but also how these choices will be understood (and perhaps resisted) by administrators, parents, and others in their communities. These immediate rhetoricalpragmatic concerns can often take precedence over the value and quality of the chosen texts. In fact, the question teachers usually bring to me when they want to include an LGBT text in their class is not "What's the best, most powerful LGBT young adult novel you've read recently?" but "Is there a book you think I could get away with without ruffling too many feathers?" The desire to include LGBT characters is laudable, but there also needs to be something there in the books beyond just queer characters.

And what are the stakes that make "mere inclusion" not enough (Malinowitz 251)? For me Le'Veon Bell Jersey , no less than rescuing studentsqueer and nonqueer alikefrom the damaging (and sometimes deadly) effects of homophobia and intolerance. It takes more than merely recognizing that LGBT people MBT Shoes( exist to prevent tragedies like the murder of 15-year-old Lawrence King by a classmate in February 2008 (Setoodeh), or the more recent attacks on queer teens in Kansas ("Teen Beating"), New York City (Michels), and Iowa (Towle). Literacy teachers inhabit spaces to disrupt the thinking that leads to such heinous crimes.

One way to approach this work involves critical literacy, helping students recognize that the texts that surround us actively shape our lives. A critical literacy approach to LGBT literature might, for example, ask students to compare an experience of violence as represented in a novel to any of the above mentioned attacks on queer youth Ben Roethlisberger Jersey , and ask questions about how and why these events happen, as well as how these events are reported in the news. Of the four above, for example, only the Lawrence King murder made nationalmainstream news.

A critical literacy approach requires that we address more than the violence. Learning to read is always about more than just "word calling"; it is about the ways that we learn the language for describing ourselves, for narrating ourselves into existence, for articulating our needs, values Antonio Brown Jersey , and value in the spaces that we need to survive in. The texts we read make certain kinds of lives possible by presenting us with myths, values, and images that remind us of the options before us. As Jonathan Alexander argues, "If we are invested in working with students to develop a critical understanding of their placesand their possibilitiesin the world, then we must consider issues of sexuality as central to the development of contemporary literacy" .

Harriet Malinowitz has noted that "unlike [heterosexual] adolescence, which has received copious treatment in the humanities, social science Pittsburgh Steelers Hats , and natural science literatures, and unlike religious, educational, military, matrimonial, reproductive, and other celebrated commencements Pittsburgh Steelers T-Shirts ," the lives and experiences of LGBT people, often demonstrated through the genre of the "coming out" narrative as a significant rite of passage, continue to be "unhonored, unblessed, and confusingly unstructured" (36). Malinowitz reminds us here of the value of narratives to help give our lives structure, to cast our experiences in language and to provide a context for our seemingly individual experiences. These structures render certain kinds of experiences possible; by viewing characters coming out to both resistant and accepting parents, friends Pittsburgh Steelers Hoodie , and teachers, young readers can see the possibilities available to them.

This is particularly true with a book such as Alex Sanchez's recent The God Box, which shows two gay adolescents exploring how their differing interpretations of their Christian faith function in relation to their emerging sense of themselves as gay males. Much of that book offers young readers language and MBT Shoes On Sale(http:www.mbtshoes4sales) arguments to use when they find themselves attacked or criticized for their identities. In this way, the book helps young readers develop a critical literacy of self, one that underscores the social aspects that shape all our lives.

Current queer YA literature offers critical literacy moments beyond the context of "real life." When I teach David Levithan's debut novel Boy Meets Boy, students find it humorous and interesting (in that voyeuristic "that's kinda weird" way); they love the narrative voice and its attitude and they find the incongruity of the drag-queen-star-quarterback both wonderfully exaggerated and oddly critical of the gendered world of footballteam sports. Yet they are also quick to say, "But this book is too unrealistic! That would never happen!" In presenting a "modern fairytale Customized Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys ," Levithan disrupts mythical constructions that continue to pervade American culture, particularly myths about gender, sexuality, and religion, and creates a space in a critical pedagogy for reenvisioning the options before us.

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The Philadelphia Phillies could opt to sell if they struggle over the next week Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys , but that doesn't mean Jonathan Papelbon will be on the move.

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