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The deal with the Phillies includes performance bonuses.

Braves Lose Again Wild Card Lead Down To 2 1 2 - RealGM Wiretap Chipper Jones lost Emilio Bonifacio's two-out chopper in the lights before Omar Infante hit a game-ending homer off Craig Kimbrel Cardinals Mike Shannon Jersey , giving the Marlins a 6-5 victory Monday night. Atlanta now has dropped three of four, and its NL wild-card lead is down to 2 12 games over St. Louis, which beat Roy Halladay and the Phillies 4-3 in Philadelphia. Bogaerts Will Start Game 6 For Red Sox - RealGM Wiretap
John Farrell hasn't set his lineup for Game 6 of the ALCS on Saturday, but he did admit that Xander Bogaerts will start at third base for the Boston Red Sox for the second straight game.

Farrell also said that Stephen Drew will remain at shortstop, Jarrod Saltalamacchia will start behind the plate and Mike Napoli will remain at first base.

Bogaerts started at third in place of Will Middlebrooks in Game 5 of Thursday night. He went 1-for-3 with a walk and a run scored.

Phillies Sign Chad Billingsley - RealGM Wiretap

The Philadelphia Phillies have signed Chad Billingsley to a one-year, $1.5 million contract.

Billingsley spent all of last season on the disabled list for the Los Angeles Dodgers while he recovered from Tommy John surgery on his right elbow.

The deal with the Phillies includes performance bonuses.

  Why have the phenomenon of female masturbation? ?Masturbation is a kind of adolescent sexuality, young girls are no exception. The first is subject to outside influence. Adolescent curiosity of both men and women, some Huangseshukan, film and television often in men and women have Lou, Tongchuanggongzhen the lens, the provocative nature of the dialogue and description and a stronger boost the naked lens. In young men Cardinals Tim McCarver Jersey , masturbation is the widespread occurrence of the act, women have to masturbate, but in small quantities. Because of this, the general medical books and publications relating to the issue of female masturbation less. Regular masturbation women, as the result of friction perineum long-term, become insensitivity, or even numbness and thus easy to create Xingleng Dan, so that after the marriage in sexual pleasure in life often are not. At the same time, perineum long been exciting and often limited to genital deformities Yizhuang, such as a large clitoris, labia minora deformation mast Cardinals Ken Boyer Jersey , a married sex life obstacles. In recent years, due to the popularization of scientific knowledge, so that only the people of masturbation, especially male masturbation of the various doubts and confusion can be lifted. It is regrettable that the people of female sexual problems still know little about masturbation, a maze, and even for some women also had to carry a heavy burden of thinking. Female masturbation on the psychological impact is very serious. It is well known that men of masturbation is a more common phenomenon. But women have to masturbate? Acts ?there have been acts of female masturbation number of? the past people have always been seen as the masturbation seems to be more than sexual intercourse "immorality" of the matter, thus investigation materials is extremely rare. According to foreign reports, the female masturbation actors in the 58 per cent. According to national reports, in a middle school girl in masturbation actors of 4.7 percent, female students accounted for 16.5% of married women in urban areas accounted for 12.2 percent of married women in rural areas accounted for 10.5 percent. Although this figure may be somewhat conservative, but suffice to show female masturbation is not the individual Cardinals Enos Slaughter Jersey , but a more widespread physiological phenomena. Literally, must be passed hand to masturbate, but in fact in order to achieve orgasm not necessarily have to by hand. For example, can squeeze legs cross-genital, which is common among girls. There are slippery slides, riding a Trojan horse, Zuoban Deng Kok, a prominent position in the furniture back and forth friction, to stimulate the genitals, masturbation is a kind, or even someone with tools Cardinals Roger Maris Jersey , such as hair clips, ball-point pen, thermometer, bananas and other goods into the Urethra or vagina to stimulate, which is potentially dangerous, harmful to health of masturbation. Masturbate so that women have a sense of inferiority, feel that they obscene, evil, courage and friend contacts, so that character has become withdrawn. When aware of the harm to masturbate, hearts full of fear Cardinals Stan Musial Jersey , regret, shame, and so on, so that women lose the original and lively, resulting in neurasthenia, memory decline, insomnia, or even give rise to abnormal nerve. Frequent masturbation easily lead to sexual organs and pelvic organ congestion, especially the women多见pelvic bleeding, menstrual disorders such as the cause, dysmenorrhea Cardinals Albert Pujols Jersey , genital Yandeng many symptoms. Left to the women's physical ailments. Scientific understanding has been reached: the same as male, female masturbation is also a kind of masturbation with the physical nature of the phenomenon. As mentioned earlier, the men "for the Yi Jing", a mature male sexual development, if not the sex life of the psychological and physiological sexual energy are normal venting, also through masturbation or sex, such as Meng Yi Approach to vent their grievances, such physical behavior is beyond reproach. For women, in particular the development of a mature woman, and stimulate the genitals with their hands from touching the pleasure, this is a normal physiological responses Cardinals Red Schoendienst Jersey , then because of the normal physiological and psychological impulse to masturbate as a female masturbation the Approach is not surprising. So as long as the female masturbation is not used, should not be seen as sick or lewd acts, occasionally do not have this self-blame, worry, guilt. Woman to masturbate, but will also affect the normal sex life after marriage, so that normal sex life difficult in lust climax. This is because the woman to masturbate rely on fingers or other items, the vagina to stimulate the.

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