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ViewPoint Visual Project Management ViewPoint Visual Project Management February 23 claquette puma fenty , 2013 | Author: Frank Jones | Posted in Business
A 2011 Standish Group CHAOS Study found that 66% percent of projects on several levels are failures or intensely challenged, leaving only a 34% group of successful, completed projects.

Poorly executed managing skills over projects has bad side effects in addition to being way over budget and late in deliverance of completed projects. These side effects come as follows:

Endless meetings

Shifting priorities

Issues over available resources

Hours and hours of work with no positive results


Pointing fingers

Learning more about ViewPoint means you learn about specific visual and service methodology that works well for innovative guidance and successful completion of projects.

Through ViewPoint methodology, you can find out how managing projects can be done in a manner that leaves everyone involved much happier. You learn more about how to increase productivity and how to decrease negative influences that hurt your timing and completion of both small and large projects. Getting to the bottom of poor project management is important to reach levels of success.

Simple to use

Simple to adopt into your group

Short returns after initial implementation for the output of projects, productivity levels, and for on time deliveries

Shorter meeting times for one project means you have more time for other ones

Improved decision making capabilities (focus)

Doing Things Differently Can Mean Getting Better

Not Doing Things Puma Creepers Velvet Bordeaux Rabais ,Better, Doing Different Things

Most companies offering packages for managing projects do so in a one size fits all manner. You might have message boards, ways to share and edit documents, and a calendar for your meetings.

When you put ViewPoint methodology into action, you will have an easier time assigning specific task to project member best suited for them. Learn ways that will allow you to know the best redirection of resources for getting the job done fast. The reduction of multitasking on your part can have great benefits and helps you to save time that could be used more beneficially elsewhere in your projects. Your overall project performance will be greater and more on task.

ViewPoint will allow you more focus on every aspect of ongoing projects while also providing the kind of management process that minimize needless work. Making sure everyone is focused and doing only those things related a particular project is necessary for you to meet completion deadlines. Using this management system allows you an easier time assigning tasks and you can avoid wasting time switching from one person to another.

ViewPoint customers say they rapidly start seeing benefits that include:

More projects completed – up to 40% faster

Remarkable adherence to deadline meets

More time spent enjoying projects

Fewer meetings that are shorter and more effective

Higher levels of morale and productivity rates

To learn more about visual project management click the info link for details. You also may find valuable resources on project management methodology when you see http:www.pinnacle-strategiesView Point today.

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