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David Desharnais handling of the puck as it wa

The Kevin Payne era at Toronto FC was symbolized by bold promises but few results. The talk of major additions and drastic improvement never really materialized and ultimately played a role in Paynes departure from the club, but following his exit the promises continue. MLSE President Tim Leiweke has talked about Toronto FCs intent to sign two Designated Players next year and the approval from the Board of Directors to spend $26 million. After Head Coach Ryan Nelsen watched his team fall to a 2-0 defeat at New York Red Bulls on Saturday, in what was actually one of the teams better road performances of the season, the rookie coach didnt hold back when asked his thoughts about the clubs position right now. "To tell you the truth, this is possibly the absolute best position Toronto has ever been in," Nelsen told reporters outside the locker room following the match. "Next year, trust me, when you walk out there, there will be a couple of Designated Players and there will be a lot of our players that will be playing in the same organization. "We play against these teams with better opportunities every single week. Just think of this time next year when we have a couple of DPs and we put ourselves in position because of this year. We had to undo a lot of mistakes that were made in the past and now we can build going forward," Nelson explained. Having had the chance to talk in depth with Nelsen on a number of occasions, I know that statement isnt just him trying to sugarcoat the clubs current position. The New Zealander really believes it. However, after seven years of promises followed by failure, it is difficult for Toronto FC supporters not to be skeptical. The clubs announcement that season ticket holders will not have to commit to renewing until January will give fans some extra time to see if the latest promises will be fulfilled, but the teams management is setting lofty expectations. Hopefully the end result isnt another let-down for the long-suffering supporters. Suspension Coming? I was surprised on Saturday night when referee Edvin Jurisevic took no action against Toronto FC midfielder Jonathan Osorio following an incident late in the game at Red Bull Arena. Osorio kicked the ball from close range at the head of New York full back Kosuke Kimura who was on the floor. Fortunately Kimura was able to get up and continue participating in the match, but the outcome could have been much more serious. Those who know Osorio will tell you there is not a malicious bone in his body and Im certain he didnt mean to cause any harm, however it was a reckless play and one that is certain to be reviewed by Major League Soccers Disciplinary Committee later this week.  Ryan Nelsen praised the match official following the game for his decision not to take any action, but judging on past incidents reviewed by the Disciplinary Committee, a one -match suspension for Toronto FCs young midfielder seems a likely result. Whatever the outcome, this is just another learning experience for a very talented young Canadian player who has the potential to be an influence for both club and country for years to come. It has been a fantastic season for the 21-year-old who has been one of Toronto FCs few bright spots this year. The Captain Is Back It was great to see Vancouver Whitecaps captain Jay DeMerit return to the lineup in San Jose on Saturday just over six months after suffering a torn Achilles tendon in the season opener. After just 70 minutes of reserve team action against UBC Thunderbirds, the former United States international was forced into action against the Quakes following an early injury to Brad Rusin. With Andy OBrien and Johnny Leveron both left at home injured, DeMerits comeback came sooner than Head Coach Martin Rennie expected, and the captain played a massive role in helping the team keep a clean sheet. A massively understrength Whitecaps team battled hard to take a point against a San Jose team that holds an excellent home record, and at another stage of the season, it would be viewed as a very good result. However, with time running out in the 2013 season, both sides needed three points at Buck Shaw Stadium to give their fading playoff hopes a boost. Its now just one win in nine matches for Vancouver. Thanks to Portlands draw against Chivas USA, the Caps finished the weekend in no worse a position that they started it, but they didnt improve their outlook either. As they prepare to head to Montreal, they are five points off the playoff places with six matches remaining - three at home, three away. Montreal Impact against Vancouver Whitecaps is live on TSN on Saturday afternoon, with the pregame show kicking off at 1:30pm et/10.30am pt. Derrick Shelby Jersey . On Monday night, many fans in this city placed the blame squarely on the captain for his role in the James Neal overtime winner against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Custom Atlanta Falcons Jerseys .C. United on Saturday night and boost the Unions playoff hopes. Nick DeLeon scored in the 36th minute for United (3-23-6), which had ample opportunities to build on its lead but went its 10th straight match without a victory. … sey-c-27/. The 20-year-old Barkley, whose impressive form this season could earn him a place in Englands World Cup squad, was hurt in Evertons 4-0 win over Queens Park Rangers in the FA Cup on Jan. Tani Tupou Jersey . Coverage on TSN is underway now while action resumes on TSN2 at 7:30pm et/4:30pm pt. TSN GO also offers TSN subscribers bonus online coverage, with live streams of all four venues. Derrick Coleman Jersey . "If we only consider this season," Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini said, "there is just one club in Manchester -- and its ours.Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at Hi Kerry, In the third period of Game 6 between the Bruins and Canadiens, Boston came within millimetres of getting one past Carey Price. Zdeno Charas shot from the point bounced off Carey Price and into the air before dropping right in the crease. David Desharnais then swept it away with his glove, but should a penalty shot have been called??? David KrastBoston David: The answer to your question is found in Rule 67 - handling the puck. Generally speaking anytime a player places his hand over the puck while it is on the ice in order to conceal if from or prevent an opponent from playing the puck, a minor penalty shall be assessed for "closing his hand on the puck". When this is done in his teams goal crease area, a penalty shot shall be assessed. More specifically to David Desharnais handling of the puck as it was about to cross the goal line following the shot by Zdeno Chara, rule 67.4 states; if a defending player, except a goalkeeper, while play is in progress, falls on the puck, holds the puck, picks up the puck, or gathers the puck into his body or hands from the ice in the goal crease area, the play shall be stopped immediately and a penalty shot shall be awarded to the non-offending team. In the application of this rule a player is allowed to bat, drag, push or sweep the puck clear of the goal crease with an oppen palm or closed fist so long as this action does not cover the puck in any manner.dddddddddddd. David Desharnais legally handled the puck in the goal crease area when he dove and contacted the side portion of the puck with a closed glove (tight fist versus open palm on top of the puck) and bunted/dragged the puck with a swift, forceful motion from narrowly crossing the line. This legal action by Desharnais propelled the puck away from the goal line toward and under Carey Price to stop play. It is important to note David, that had the puck had come to rest and been covered under the body of Desharnais instead of Price, a penalty shot would have resulted. It was a tremendous defensive play by the Montreal forward to prevent a sure goal through the legal use of his hand on the puck inside the goal crease. Referee Kelly Sutherland also did an outstanding job to attack the net along the goal line as this play developed and then to wave off a potential goal and penalty shot from his final location directly behind the net. As a result of Sutherlands attack angle and close finish behind the net, the referee was able to clearly determine that the puck had not crossed the goal line nor had Desharnais covered the puck with his hand or body. On this crucial play inside the goal crease, referee Sutherland demonstrated excellent visual awareness to read the play and then quickly move his feet to gain the optimum position to render the correct call.   Game 7 back in Boston should be a real dandy. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '

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