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Anniversaries are a time to celebrate the end of another year and the beginning of a new 365 days. Gift ideas abound especially with anniversaries touching the 25-year and 50-year mark. But one inexpensive yet thoughtful way to do the same is by gifting flowers.

Like traditional presents handed out as each year elapses Wholesale Ucla Bruins Jerseys , flowers too are attributed with certain qualities. Daisies, for example, can't just be given out (they can but that would lessen the impact) any day. They carry a wealth of meaning which is why you need to know your carnations from your hydrangeas.

The first year: Carnations are also known as The Flowers of God and such a majestic title is well-earned by this sweet-scented flower and its instantly recognizable cluster.

Carnations are long-blooming flowers and this trait has given rise to the idea that they represent lasting commitment. Being as popular and readily available as they are, you'll have trouble finding a more beautifully arranged bouquet to gift the woman in your life.

Tip: Carnations of certain colors carry certain meanings. Dark red signifies a deep love and light red speaks of admiration.

The second year: The second year is symbolized by Lily of the Valley, a cluster of small Wholesale Usc Trojans Jerseys , white, downturned blossoms set against vibrant green leaves. Typically associated with purity, presenting your other half with a bouquet of these beautiful flowers conveys the message that the relationship you share is pure and worthy of devotion.

The flower is also perfect to mark a rekindling of feelings as it symbolizes the return of happiness. If you've recently patched up a relationship that was on the rocks, gift your woman an arrangement of lilies of the valley to show her how much she means to you.

The third year: Sunflowers represent third anniversaries where loyalty and fidelity become even more important ideals. They also stand for nourishment and warmth – both attributes of the sun – which are a couple of must-do's and must-haves in any relationship, especially one that's made it to the third year.

The fourth year: Hydrangeas are for the fourth year where couples settle into a familiar and comforting routine and where stability is enjoyed. This is the time to show how grateful you are not only for the relationship but for each other.

Hydrangeas are perennial flowers and it's no puzzle that they're also used to represent long-lasting relationships. The fourth year Wholesale West Virginia Mountaineers Jerseys , which is a time well into a solid relationship, is thereby represented by these durable natural bouquets.

The fifth year: Celebrate the fifth year with a handful of delicate daisies. These common wildflowers are among the most popular and for good reason. They symbolize innocence and gentleness on the part of the giver and the recipient. As the relationship enters an even more familiar and stable phase, daisies remind couples to keep their relationships fresh even if love is as strong as ever.

The sixth year: The majestic calla lily is what to get your beloved on your sixth anniversary. Its unforgettable trumpet-shaped bloom stands for growth and wisdom that comes with age, perfect to represent a relationship that's ripe yet still going strong. Since the calla lily is such an eye-catching flower, have just one-three blooms in a bouquet to prevent it from appearing too over-the-top.
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