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Raynor James is with the website - FSBO America - FSBO homes for auction by owne. Beat Procrastination And Improve Your Study Habits Beat Procrastination And Improve Your Study Habits February 12, 2013 | Author: Lachlan Haynes | Posted in Education
If you love to procrastinate then these are four words you will be very familiar with: “I’ll do it tomorrow.” While it’s true these four words may actually comfort you as you say them to yourself- knowing full well that a critical assignment date draws closer or your bedroom becomes messier and messier or you have precious little time left to study for that important exam – they also create a major problem. A major problem that could warp into a major meltdown! And major meltdowns are never pretty. They normally end in us slumping to the ground in agony screeching like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz, “what a world, what a world, what a world” or in the case of the scarecrow, “If I only had a brain!”

The fascinating and somewhat disturbing news is that when it comes to procrastinating you are not alone. One of the biggest reasons people do not achieve their goals (and then feel unhappy about it) is because they are chronic procrastinators. It has been reported that 94% of people are putting something off and it is making them feel unhappy – that’s right 94%! If you’re a procrastinator you are truly not alone. In fact, you’re totally normal! However the good news ends there. Students that procrastinate are more likely to achieve lower subject grades Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , lower exam scores and lower overall grades. Worse still, procrastination is strongly linked to poor health and less money. That’s right, procrastinators have less money. Amazing isn’t it? But we’re not trying to make you feel bad because you might be poor and unhealthy. We’re just trying to help you early in your life by making you aware of it now.

So Many Lies

Tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes and you just keep thinking, “Well maybe tomorrow I will do the work!” One day makes no difference anyway does it? Each day you face the same dilemma and each day you make a decision that tomorrow is the best option.

Have you ever felt the rush of an assignment due the next day and you haven’t started yet? It may not be a good rush, but it’s still a rush and that’s why people do it. They then spring into action, usually with a heavy degree of dread and stress about the task ahead. But nonetheless, what was once a boring task has now taken on a challenging context. Their previously boring life now has a serious edge! This is the ultimate test and people like to test themselves – and pass (although most just fail and look a fool). In a procrastinator’s mind Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , this rush allows you to perform to an exceptionally high standard and achieve things normal circumstances won’t allow. However, it’s the testing and failing that is the seriously dangerous part of this practise.

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