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That?s why it?s called Business networking.

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Who?s who business directories such as Madison Who?s Who or the Who?s Who Guide have an important place in business networking in today?s business world.

To understand exactly how big of a part who?s who directories like these play in business networking it helps to understand what business networking is.

The New World Dictionary Of American Language defines Business as this. One?s work. occupation, or profession. Also the buying and selling of commodities and services that connotes a profit motive;

The New World Dictionary Of America also defines Networking as, a group, or a system etc. of interconnected or cooperating individuals.

If we combine these two definitions we get the term; Business Networking: an occupation or profession of buying and selling commodities and or services that connotes a profit motive. Through a group or system of interconnected or cooperating individuals.

Who?s who directories like Madison Who?s Who … es-jersey/ , the Who?s Who Guide, Altrotelescope, and New Zealand Business Who?s Who are all very good examples of business networking directories.

Another way to describe a who?s who business directory is, a business to business and small business networking directory for individuals … es-jersey/ , Executives, and professionals.

Or in simpler terms. Who?s Who directories are directories that an individual, small business, or a large corporation can be listed in for free or in some cases a fee so other individuals … es-jersey/ , small businesses, or corporations can search out and find their services or products.

Knowing is half the battle. Now that you know what part who?s who directories play in business networking. The next thing you should know is which who?s who directory is right for you and your business.

To know this you must first do a bit of research, home work, and self evaluation. With so many who?s who directories to choose from you will need to know what type of product or service each who?s who business directory cater to. For instance if you have a medical supply business it wouldn?t do you any good at all to join a who?s who directory that caters to Pacific Northwest Maritime services.

Also if you are a company that is just starting out on a limited budget. It might not benefit you to pay a high fee to join an expensive who?s who business directory. You should search out a less expensive or free who?s who directory to get the ball rolling. Then at a later date if your not getting the results you should be getting or when you have the recourses and you feel it would benefit you to upgrade to a higher end who?s who business directory then do so.

A good example of a free to place who?s who directory would be Who?s Who Guide. Also Madison Who?s Who where you can post for free. However … es-jersey/ , to really use all the recourses Madison Who?s Who has to offer you will need to pay to become a member and reap all of the benefits.

One last thing to remember. Finding the right who?s who directory will not only allow other individuals and business owners to find you and your product or services. It also gives you a great business resource to find other businesses and services that might benefit you and your business. That?s why it?s called Business networking.

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