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Skateboarding is a very old and popular sport started way back around 1940?s when young children who could not afford to buy scoters or bicycles would often take wheels from old pair of skates and attached them to planks of wood Women's Tyus Bowser Jersey , ride on it and push down the streets. Soon, this interest led to the evolution of skateboards! Now skateboarding is as famous as any other sport. There are various competitions held every year attracting thousands of skateboard lovers. Evolution of skateboard as a sport gave rise to a whole new industry manufacturing skateboards, protective gears, apparel and other accessories! Well Women's Marlon Humphrey Jersey , if you are a lover of this sport you must be the proud owner of a branded skateboard! But why not try something different like to create skateboards by you! To create skateboards you just need an imaginative mind, a determination, the components and other materials are all available in the market.

What is a skateboard made of? Companies create skateboards comprising of the main part which is the deck i.e. the platform made of 7 layers of Canadian wood veneers which are glued together and pressed to give you one sturdy deck. The axles known as the trucks are mounted on to the bottom of the deck. The trucks include a base plate which is attached to the deck with screws and a hangar accommodating the axle. All the material is readily available in a sports shop and you can assemble them to create a complete new skateboard. When you construct skateboards you get a practical idea about the different parts of the skateboard and what is good for you.

There are many companies online to help you and guide you about ways to transfer it on your deck through a heat transfer process used. In fact you can even upload your photos of skateboarding or choose a logo and create skateboards which are unique and belong to you only!

One can also use the same graphic designs on your skateboarding apparel to create your own brand. All other accessories and protective gears used can be matched to your personal skateboard design. With the Internet age nothing is impossible today! If you go online you can browse through many websites helping you to create skateboards for yourself, through videos and articles. Many of them even teach you to make your own skate parks with ramps and risers. Well Matt Judon Jersey , the desperate need of anything is the mother of all inventions. You never know crafting a skateboard might lead you to open an online shop to create and assemble skateboards! Well skateboarding can be tried as a good business line. Children today love to buy ?make your skateboard? kits through which they enjoy designing their own decks. Many parents love to decorate their kid?s room with self designed skateboards! You could even create a skateboard today to gift to your dear son or friend. Start today and you never know soon you might be the owner of a ?make your skateboard? company!

WASHINGTON, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- U.S. President Donald Trump's remarks on "Nambia" during a United Nations speech didn't go without notice. People online quickly realized the gaffe and reacted strongly.

"Nambia's health system is increasingly self-sufficient," Trump said. The White House later published the speech, which showed Trump had meant to say "Namibia Michael Pierce Jersey ," a southern African country.

The gaffe made headlines on major U.S. media outlets including CNN and the Washington Post, the latter of which said Trump was "inventing a country."

The incident also went viral on social media. David Mack said on Twitter, "my god he said it TWICE." Some speculated he was trying to say "Gambia," or "Zambia."

Stephen Colbert tweeted Austin Howard Jersey , "Can't wait for Trump to visit Nambia and their technologically advanced neighbors in Wakanda." Wakanda is a fictional African country where Marvel's "Black Panther" is set.

A fake Donald Trump Twitter account posted: "Obviously, while speaking about African nations, when I was referring to 'Nambia' -- the country I meant to mention was Narnia."

Namibian President Hage Geingob was in the room with Trump as he made the speech. The gaffe was not just a harmless mispronunciation for some Namibians.

Melvin Hosea Angula posted on Twitter: "Hage: 'great speech Trup,' Trump: 'its TruMp Ryan Jensen Jersey , the M is not silent,' Hage: 'oh like the 'I' in Namibia! #Namibia is not #Nambia."

Namibia, known for its diamond mining industry, was liberated from the yoke of colonialism in 1990 James Hurst Jersey , after a 24-year liberation struggle.

Chinese, Australian armies conclude joint training exercise

Aftermath of 7.1-magnitude earthquake in Mexico City

Sacrifice ceremony for late Thai king held in Bangkok

Dominica PM confirms at least 15 killed in hurricane Maria attack

Highlights of 10th China Acrobatics Golden Chrysanthemum Awards

Wildlife paradise: Changtang National Nature Reserve in China's Tibet

PLA Navy frigates introduced to visitors at Port of Antwerp, Belgium

Aviation Expo China 2017 held in Beijing

Remote control boats come in all shapes and sizes. Each type offers something different ? sailboats are for lazy, relaxing afternoons Brandon Carr Jersey , while racing boats offer an adrenaline rush to those who are looking for excitement.

Sport boats. Sport remote control boats are the most popular type among hobbyists.

Scale boats. These are replicas of full-size boats. Models can be only a few inches long, or weigh up to hundreds of pounds. The more skillful the builder, the more the model will resemble the original, with details such as planked decks Tony Jefferson Jersey , chrome or brass fittings, and cloth flags.

Sailboats. Like their full-size counterparts, remote control sailboats catch the wind with their sails to move around. Models are usually controlled with a multi-channel radio transmitter. Sailboats come in a wide range of sizes ? some even tower over 4 feet above the wate.

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