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TEHRAN Christian Kabasele Belgique Maillot , March 8 (Xinhua) -- Iran test-fired on Tuesday several ballistic missiles in the ongoing military drills attended by the senior commanders of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

The missile drills, conducted in different parts of the country, are aimed at enhancing the deterrent power of the Islamic republic in the face of threats against the revolution and the territorial integrity of Iran, official IRNA news agency reported.

On Tuesday, the chief commander of IRGC Laurent Ciman Belgique Maillot , Mohammad Ali Jafari, said that Iran's ongoing missile drills are ""firm responses to the nonsense babbled by the enemies about (possible) missile-related sanctions"" against Iran.

""Firing of the missiles is an embodiment of the ready-to-operate status of Iran's missile depots in every part of the country, Jafari was quoted as saying by IRGC's website.

""The drills also unfold this point to the enemies that the deterrent power and the national security of Iran is our red-line and we are not ready to negotiate over it with anybody,"" he said.

""Today, almost 100 percent of our (missile) products have been indigenized and we are independent Nacer Chadli Belgique Maillot ,"" he said, adding that the western sanctions on Iran in the past years only resulted in the development and independency of the country in the field.

Jafari said the message of missile drills of Iran is ""security"" for the regional states and the security of Iran is tied with that of its neighbors.

However, the enemies of the Islamic republic, particularly, Israel should be frightened of the ""roar"" of Iran's missiles Laurent Depoitre Belgique Maillot , he said, maintaining that ""the range of most of our missiles could reach the Zionist regime"" of Israel.

In October, Iran announced it ""successfully"" test-fired the country's first long-range missile of Emad which could be guided and controlled until hitting the target with high precision.

In December, a United Nations experts' report said Iran violated the UN Security Council Resolution 1929 by test-firing the Emad missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead.

The UN report said the Emad ballistic missile has a range of ""no less than 1,000 km with a payload of at least 1 Dedryck Boyata Belgique Maillot ,000 kg.""

Under Resolution 1929, Iran is prohibited from working on ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads.

However, Iran's Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan rejected the report, saying that the Emad missile is ""totally conventional.""

The Islamic republic is believed to have the largest ballistic missile arsenal in the Middle East and has developed a 2,000-km missile.

" Anzac Day is a significant day Mousa Dembele Belgique Maillot , a significant cultural day for all Australians.It happens on the 25th of April every year, and it is marked by some memorial services, marches, some celebrations and some fairly unusual games of chance as well.

So brief story of Anzac Day and the Anzacs. The word itself Anzac A-N-Z-A-C stands for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corp. This is a name that was given to the combined forces of Australia and New Zealand in the First World War. Anzac Day itself is a commemoration of a very famous battle for the Australian and New Zealanders. It is a commemoration of the battle at Gallipoli that occurred on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

The battle itself was not particularly significant in the context of the entire World War I campaign. However for those forces involved, it was definitely a significant and quite a horrific battle and campaign that occurred. The campaign itself was a matter of the allied troops planning to land and take Istanbul. So on the 25th of April in 1915 Thorgan Hazard Belgique Maillot , the Australian-New Zealand forces part of the allied contingent landed at Gallipoli.

It was intended to be a very bold aggressive move as part of the campaign to capture Istanbul, however the Turks fiercely defended the land and it pretty quickly became a pretty huge stalemate. And that stalemate endured for around 8 months. At the end of 8 months over eight thousand Australians had been killed in that campaign and two-and-a-half thousand New Zealanders had also been killed.

It was not a successful campaign or attack by any stretch of the imagination, in fact it was something of a disaster. Which is yet another reason why Anzac Day itself is not about glorifying war, it is about celebrating the Anzac's spirits, the spirits that was showed by those soldiers.

Today on average over ten thousand Australian & New Zealanders actually make something of a pilgrimage back to the Gallipoli Peninsula to celebrate the dawn service on the grounds at Suvla Bay Divock Origi Belgique Maillot , on that battleground where the Australian forces actually landed.

There are 3 main events that really characterize Anzac Day.

The first one is the dawn service. The Anzac's landed at Gallipoli at dawn and for that reason, a dawn service is conducted commemorating Anzac Day on 25th of April each year. There is a very large one that occurs in Martin Place in the city, many thousands of people attend it. There are lots of defense members supporting it, a Cataflaque Party providing an escort, there's speeches and the last post.

As well as this large dawn service in Martin Place in the city Steven Defour Belgique Maillot , also all through Sydney and all through New South Wales and Australia there are many, many smaller dawn services. These are usually conducted at RSLs and RSLs sub-branches, a Return Serviceman's League club established by return servicemen.

Usually in the vicinity of most suburban RSLs, there will be a dawn service where as similar as they are in the city, but in a small scale. They are all equally solemn Thomas Meunier Belgique Maillot , all equally significant cultural activities.

An Anzac Day march occurs in the city each year. It starts from a variety of locations, usually Hyde Park, a number of other spots in the city and finishes in Martin Place.

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