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HEFEI, Aug. 19 (Xinhua) -- Every night, office worker Li Zhe,35, compares walking and running distances with his friends onWeChat.

The data is recorded on Li's Xiaomi sports bracelet.

"Comparing with each other helps aid our progress, and everyonearound here is doing some kind of exercise," he said.

Li used to drive home from work, enjoy dining and play lots ofvideo games, but his lifestyle has changed over the past threeyears, and now you are more likely to find him cycling orrunning.

"For the past two years, sports and health have become popularwith everybody around us, and people are all wearing some kind ofsports bracelet or watch," Li said.

Li's Xiaomi bracelet can monitor the number of steps he takes,his heart rate, and even his sleeping time. Sales of the Chinesesports bracelet topped 30 million in March this year, and when thenew version of the product was released in June, over 36 millionpre-orders were made on Xiaomi's online platform alone.

"Wearable smart devices started as sports bracelets, but withina very short time they become the most popular and successfulintelligent hardware worldwide. Though, we are still surprised thatChinese consumer interest in them has even surpassed the interestin their cell phones," said Huang Wang, CEO of Huami Technology,the Xiaomi bracelet manufacturer.

Big data from over 20 million Xiaomi bracelet users show thatmore and more Chinese are paying attention to their health.

"On average 5 to 6 million users run everyday, and the number isincreasing," Huang said.

Besides Xiaomi, other Chinese companies have also joined themarket. Sports brand Li-Ning cooperated with the Xiaomi braceletresearch team to develop running shoes with intelligent chips thatcan analyze a runner's movement and provide professionalguidance.

"Wearable smart devices present sport with something that isvisible and quantifiable," said Jiang Xuexing, a fitness instructorwho has worked in Guangzhou for 10 years. "They have made exercisemore interesting by giving participants a sense ofachievement."

"My sports bracelet looks at my walking distance against myweight and sleep patterns, and it tells me my recent healthcondition," said Xu Jing, a 55-year-old Hefei resident. Xu hasrecently joined an "intelligent exercise group" with many of hermiddle-aged friends.

Through these wearable devices, exercise is no longer a lonelyactivity. Such devices help people form new social circles andpromote a healthy lifestyle.

Wearable devices are also fun in other ways. They enable sportslovers to compare exercise results with celebrities on Weibo, gaindiscount coupons through their running miles and even donate tocharities based on the number of steps they make.

Analysts believe that a Chinese government drive to develop thesports industry has created an unprecedented public enthusiasm forsports, which in turn has led to consumer demand for wearable smartdevices.

Huang claims that in the future wearable devices will havefunctions in other fields such as medicine and health.

"The devices may even do electrocardiograms and record bloodpressure, becoming family doctors one day, even giving suggestionson exercising and making emergency calls to doctors and family whennecessary," Huang said. Enditem

Welcome back to our three-part article series on oral health and hygiene! This series is dedicated to helping everyone understand what it takes to really keep your teeth and gums in excellent condition Angelo Ogbonna World Cup Jersey , which, as we have already discussed Andrea Barzagli World Cup Jersey , requires so much more than just twice-daily brushing. In this article, the second installment of the series Alessio Cerci World Cup Jersey , dentists in Silver Spring shall move on from talking about proper brushing habits and techniques and examine the next fundamental component of any home oral healthcare regime: flossing!

Dentists in Silver Spring: Floss Those Pearly Whites!

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• Floss every day and preferably before you go to bed at night. Dentists in Silver Spring floss twice a day Stefano Okaka Italy Jersey , so if you wanted to follow their example…

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